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A&J Export S.R.L Since our foundation and for over 35 years we have been part of a team with great solidity and economic solvency which has allowed us to penetrate national and international markets of food and services.

In this first stage of our commercial activity together with prestigious partner companies, our efforts have been oriented to commercialization and distribution of sea products (Fish and Seafood), as well as in relation to Farm Products.

After a reasonable period of time dedicated to evaluation, organization and planning of markets for hydrocarbons and their derivatives;
From year 2017 A&J Export, S.R.L. has assumed with responsibility and knowledge on the subject, the petroleum derivatives products commercialization in each and everyone of its corresponding variants. For this process, our organization involved full process for logistic development that allows petroleum's products storage in the order of 60 million gallons.


To become the leading brand in commercialization, sales and distribution of hydrocarbons and by-products petroleum derivatives in the Caribbean region


Offer specialized services and logistics on international maritime transportation, commercialization, storage, distribution, mining, exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons and by-products petroleum derivatives.

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